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About us

The BiiF, or Belgian Insect Industry Federation,
is an international branch association, 

originally founded in Belgium. 

We bring together actors (commercial or not) of the edible insects market, both in terms of human consumption (FOOD) and animal consumption (FEED). The members are from all over Europe.
The BiiF is committed to help and support them.
Together we are strong.

The future is now !!

Achieve Goals

Most stakeholders have the same challenges to start and maintain their insect business. Together we are strong.

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Conferences & events

Our number of members is growing fast, meeting each other creates a strong and powerfull connection. 

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Share the costs

Opening an innovative new market costs a lot of money, sharing makes it easier to be succesfull.

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Who are our members?

We welcome insectbreeders, processors and sellers. Big and small companies connect with us.

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Novel Food

One of the most important achievements is writing novel food dossiers, which we are proud of.

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Time for action

Ignorance is our biggest enemy, time to share knowledge and bring about acceleration in this new market.

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Food, feed and Services

In recent years, the BiiF has focused primarily on the human consumption side. There was a strong need for knowledge in that area, not only companies but also governments and food and commodity organizations lacked knowledge. The BiiF has taken up this challenge by establishing an interest group that wants to work together to achieve something. We are proud that we are making progress with more than 50 members.
Companies that focus on Feed or other markets are also welcome to join us.

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